Memories: Župčić

Zupsich History transcribed from written story by Ann Zupsich Morris

of Taylorville, Macoupin County, Illinois, USA ca 1970.


Mijo and his wife Mary, were married in Selo Bost, which was a tiny village in the hills. The nearest town was Barilovac, and it had a Post Office.

Mijo and his sister Yana, who later married John Brozich, walked 11 miles to work each day, where they worked in a factory that made yard goods. They then walked 11 miles back home.

Their father, John, was a farmer.

When Mijo and his brother John took wives, they all lived together on the family homestead. One female would take care of the house and children, the rest of the family would work the land or work in a factory.

Ella and John Zubcic, their children, Yana (later Mrs Brozich) Kata, (later Mrs. Bellovich), John and his wife Mary and their child and Mija and his wife Mary and their two children, John and Matt ("Bones") all lived together in the same small cottage.

 Mary, the wife of Mijo was the one elected to remain in the house and care for it and the children. When Mijo and Mary were married, their witnesses were his oldest sister Barbara and her husband, George Biscan. Mijo Zubcic became a naturalized citizen of the United States on June 7, 1940 and at the time was known as Mike Zupsich

 Kata started on the trip with him, but was turned back at Prague because her papers were not in order. So she made the journey in 1904 when some man in Staunton arranged for her to come to Staunton to marry Mike Bellovich...a complete stranger. She was married in St. Michael's the Archangel Church in Staunton. Yana, (later Ms. Brozich) came to this country in 1906 to Staunton and married John Brozich.

John migrated to America first--to Staunton, IL. John Zubcic who was the first to come to America, lived in East Chicago, Indiana.

Transcribed from written family history by Ann Zupsich Morris of Taylorville, Macoupin County, IL.

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