What Is Acta Croatica?

The sharp mind of the folk living on this land did sometimes contribute to the world with new viewpoints on arts, crafts, seamanship and trade; however, the foreign people did not want to commend this folk, but assigned their deeds and their glory to other nations.

These are the words that Ivan Kukuljevic Sakcinski (1816-1889), renowned Croatian historian, politician and national revivalist, author of the first speech delivered in Croatian language before the Croatian Parliament, used to describe the situation that motivated him to publish Acta croatica, the first collection of Croatian documents, in 1863. Now, only a century and a half later, we again feel the same urge to preserve Croatian identity and save it from vanishing into obscurity.

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Memories based on historical sources

Our vision is to become the leading Internet platform for collecting great historical tales of ordinary people and for preserving valuable family histories. Our intention is to create an open source infrastructure that will give everyone the opportunity to research their ancestors, learn more about their lives and discover their forgotten narratives.

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Millions of people mentioned in the numerous historical documents. Try to find your ancestors, and enrich historical sources with family narratives.

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More than two hundred thousand detailed descriptions of Croatian family names and different surnames mentioned in Croatian historical spaces. Find your surname and contribute to the story.

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More than one hundred thousand Croatian names. Croatian name is often the only thing that keeps us from forgetting our origin. Find your name in historical documents, and add your own story.

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Reprints of the historical sources. Order an reprint of the historical book and support further activities on digitalisation of new sources.

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Map stories - Explore a story map presented as a place-based narrative.

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World directory of Croatian organizations. Directory of the Croatian associations and other organizations in diaspora.

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Questionnaires and research on immigrants archives and other relevant issues.

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