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One of the tasks of the Acta Croatica Project is to continuously find, digitize, edit and publish new historical materials. Since this task is comprehensive, and no other country in the world has completed it yet, we need to be patient.
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Acta Croatica analyses documents from the entire Croatian historical territory, and is concerned with all persons connected with this territory.
Our mission is to allow access to as many documents as possible and to preserve family stories. We plan to enable users to add their family genealogy to our website, and in the meantime you can fill in the "I want to know more" form, and we will see if we can help you.
All documents published within this project are either publicly available or are collected with all necessary permissions. If you think that a certain document should not be publicly available, contact us.
Acta Croatica is a project primarily focused on persons from historical sources. It is possible to publish the document in which you are mentioned. See more under Support the project.
One of the tasks of the Acta Croatica Project is to continuously find, digitize, edit and publish new historical materials. It is possible to stipendiate young researchers who would analyse the location or source you are interested in. If you are interested, contact us via Support the project .
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When reading historical documents, it should be noted that they were often censored or created arbitrarily by civil servants.