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Matulić - Matulich-Halaburich-Popich
Source: CROATIAN HERALDRY by Adam S. Eterovich
Matulich is found in great numbers on the Island of Brac in the villages of Dol and Postire and in Dragove, Molat, Pasman, Zadar and Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. The name is first mentioned on Brac in 1586 and is recorded as nobility in 1657 as Matulich-Halaburich-Popich. This clan used Clan names of Papic, Gluho, Musa, Skarabaje, Zoje, Federiko, Dujic, Kroculinac, Repic, Bobe, Prkacic, Druze, Pavlic, Papiluga, Stipurina, Smiho and Burazinovich .
The Matulich’s were judqes, poets, alchemist and bishops in the 15th and 16th centuries.The American Matulich’s were an interestinq group. Jerome Matulich is recorded as under arrest (when caught) at Mobile, Alabama in 1764 for selling whiskey and guns to the Indians in the Louisiana Texas frontier territories and Nikola Matulich was a fisherman and farmer with an Irish wife in Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana in the 1850’s.
Anton Matulich was a goldminer in the Amador of California in the 1860’s and !ater married a Swiss lass and became a stock raiser. Nikola and Simun were also digging gold in the Amador and became American citizens. George, Michael, Mateo and Marco had pioneer restaurants in early San Francisco. Silvano Matulich was a priest in California and Charles Matulich an architect.
John Matulich—Zoje of the Dol clan had an early restaurant in San Francisco and later branched out into general commercial properties which became the Matulich Building Corporation of California. The patriarch of this successful American clan, John Matulich, presided over this commercial empire along with his son Darko.
The Matulich coat of arms colors are gold for the dots; blue for the horizontal lines; and silver for the white.

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