Memories: Dropuljić

Two Dropuljic' brothers fled into Imotski, Croatia region over from Ljbuski Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1600's running from the Turks. My Great Great Grandfather was Petar Dropuljic' married to Marta Abaz in Prolozac Gornji, Croatia. One of their sons Josip Dropuljic' left Prolozac Gornji to go to America in 1910. He came through Ellis Island and then went onto the upper peninsula of Michigan. In Greenland, Michigan Josip worked in copper mines along with my Great Great Grandfather Ivan Gudac from Bakarac, Croatia. He came over a couple of years before my Great Great Grandmother Josephine Doric' Gudac who came over with my Great Grandmother Ruza Gudac ( age 12), and her two brothers Ivan and Stephen in 1905. Later on Josip Dropuljic' and Ruza Gudac married in Greenland and had 7 children together, which they later relocated to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania to work in coal mines along with the Gudac's. My paternal Grandfather Marion ( Marijan) being one of their 7 children. I know little of the Gudac side, but my Dropuljic'i family still live on in the Prolozac Donji, Split and other areas of Croatia, but mostly in the Dalmatia region. I wrote a book titled " The Day I Found Our Family In Croatia" so that my family here in America could know of their heritage in Croatia.

Doreena Dropulich Tompkins

 Note: Dropuljic' was changed to Dropulich so phonetically it would be easily pronounced in English language.

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