Memories: Divnić

Anton Divnič (Difnico) – 1989 

I live in Russia, Moscow. I have one brother Vladimir Divnič (1976) and two cousins in Russia Alexey Divnič and Alexandr Divnič.

I started to research my family name some time ago. It descends from noble croatian-italian family. I found out that my family name also reads as Difnico, Diminich, Dimitsch, Domitsch, Dimini. 

It seems that most of modern Divnič people come from Frano Divnič (1607 – 1672) – a Croatian historian who successfully managed to continue his family line. 

My grandfather and grandmother were from Ukraine. Today there are many Divnič relatives live in Ukraine but surname is still rare. There are very few of Divnič in Russia and even fewer in Kazakhstan.

A lot of people from Divnich family died in the World War 1 because they were soldiers. There also were people from Divnič family who participated in World War 2. My grandfather Vasily Divnič(1924) fought against Nazi Germany and was injured in the battle of Kostrzyn nad Odrą in 05 March of 1945. For his actions he received Order of the Patriotic War of 2nd class.

I really wish to find my relatives from around the world. Please write me at [email protected]

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