Memories: Brusić

There are a lot of gaps due to reasons that will be obvious after reading this. My great-grandfather, Anthony Brusić emigrated from Croatia in the mid 1930s due to the unstable political climate at the time.  He signed up for the Army and fought for the U.S, primarily as a medic, and 'married' a British woman and had at least 1 daughter, possibly more with her. After the war, he came back to the U.S., one finger shorter than when he left, eventually settled in the Chicago suburbs and met who would eventually become my great-grandmother, an Italian from Florence named Anne, who had a son and a daughter. The son would have a child with a descendent of Kit Carson's final marriage to a Native American named Making Out Road, who would become my mother. She would go on to have me, but I am the only child of my father, and I was given my grandfather's last name. Anthony's daughter become very involved a prominent individual involved with Midwestern grocery stores, and was VP of one of the most recognizable and notable grocery chains in the United States. When my great-grandfather moved to the U.S, his legal surname was Brusich.  My grandfather had it legally changed back to Brusic, although due to limitations in printing characters at the time, it was written only as Brusic (with no emphasis above the C). I currently write my name with the proper Croatian accent whenever available. 

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