Memories: Amalija Eckl

Amalia Eckl was born Amalia Attomir in Velika Kopanica in 1857.  Her parents were Ivan Attomir and Maria Jankovic.  Ivan was a wheelwright born ~1811 in Djakovo and died of Typhus in Velika Kopanica in 1859. Amalia Attomir married George Eckl in Djakovo in 1888.  George was from Magyarszek, Baranya, Hungary.  According to family stories, he owned butcher shops in Osijek, but passed away in 1996 in Sarajevo.  After George's death, Amalia supposedly owned a tobacco shop in Osijek.  She and her daughter, Olga - my grandmother - emigrated to the US in 1923 to join Olga's husband, Fritz Tengler, and Amalia's other daughter Luisa. Amalia died in Michigan, US in 1948.

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