Memories: Ćavar

Ćavars (generally, but not always, spelt with a ć instead of a č) are one of the largest clans in Hercegovina, so to produce a list of all of them from the extant church records would be a monumental task. Nearly every municipality in western Herzegovina has a village or two with Ćavars living it. 

In Livno, there was about 70 Ćavars in 1991., living mostly in villages of Tribić and Veliki Kablići. 

In Tomislavgrad, there were almost 200 of them, living in the villages of Kazaginac and Ćavarov Stan, as well as the city of Tomislavgrad itself. 

In the Grude municipality, 16 Ćavars lived in the village of Sovići. In Široki Brijeg, where the clan likely originated from, there were more than 500 of them living in 5-6 different villages. 

In Čitluk, there was just under a 100 Ćavars, largely in villages of Služanj and Krehin Gradac. 

In Ljubuški, there was 35 of them in the village of Cerno. In Mostar, about a 100 of them lived in the villages of Polog and Rodoč. 

In Prozor, about 50 of them lived in villages of Orašac and Lug. About 25 of them lived in Budišnja Ravan and Repovica, small villages in the municipality of Konjic. 

This is more than a 1000 people just in Hercegovina proper, with many more living in Bosnia itself. 

They are all likely of the same origin, descended from a common ancestor who lived somewhere in the Široki Brijeg region in the late XVII century. The original last name was Vidošević. 

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